We are glad to see you visit this page and we thank you for showing interest in partnering with Zoylee.

You can now make the most of your business; be it your salon, your parlor, and/or your spa business, Zoylee helps you increase your brand’s visibility to newer audiences, opens up new sales avenues, and thereby adds better revenue opportunities, and when we say it, we mean it by all means!

  • If you own or run a salon, parlor and/or spa business anywhere in this Country,
  • If you already have witnessed the growth of online food ordering businesses,
  • And, if you have come to know that your friend’s restaurant sales have skyrocketed through such aggregator-based online food ordering businesses,

Then, come and be a part of Zoylee - the first of its kind salon, parlor and spa booking platform in the Country.

By partnering with us, you get the freedom to create your business’ profile, add the names of your services on our enterprise-level platforms - Zoylee Website ( and Zoylee App (both Android and iOS App) with specific details such as; pricing, duration, top artists, offers and discounts, etc. As soon as you are listed on our platform, you are visible and searchable to an end number of online audiences in your neighborhood, your regular and new customers can now search and find you online, scroll through your business profile, check out the details like services, pricing, and availability, etc., and book their service appointments.

We truly understand your business is already doing great and you probably don’t see a requirement of partnering with us at all. Nonetheless, we still think about your valued customers as to how Zoylee can bring in more comfort and ease for your customers, who visit your studios every day.

Give your business a touch of more comfort and convenience for your customers by partnering with us, and we promise the following advantages (all at zero cost) for you;
  • Partnership Registration
  • Increased Brand Visibility
  • New Sales
  • More Revenue
  • Hyperlocal Search
  • CRM & Inventory Organiser
  • Our Customer Care for Your Customers
  • High Customer Retention